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May 2015
The Avengers: Age of Ultron just came to the theaters. We're geeking out a bit, so here's a link to the Science of the Avengers. Fun stuff!

March 2015

You're probably wondering, "Now that BioLegend owns all your former catalog products, what the heck are you doing up there in Madison?" I'm glad you asked. We're still making great monoclonal antibodies, of course! NeoClone has been making custom murine antibodies via hybridoma technology for years. In fact, that's where our catalog came from in the first place! We decided that we needed to return our focus to custom projects, especially the really difficult targets that researchers had been bringing us all along. You know, the targets that other companies couldn't make due to problems with tolerance or toxicity or bizarre secondary structures.

Then we decided to branch out into other methods of generating antibodies. We brought on new staff with years of experience in Antibody Phage Display and Camelid VHH antibodies. We've been upping our game in the Bioinformatics arena as well, giving us an edge in determining the best way to make YOUR antibody. Unlike other antibody development companies, we're not tied to one particular method. In the world of antibody development, one size does NOT fit all.

So, you tell us what you want.

We'll make sure we get it for you.

November 2014
BioLegend's acquisition of NeoClone's catalog of antibody reagents is mostly complete.  They have all of our former catalog antibody stocks ready for sale and shipment (such as RNA Pol II RPB1 clone 8WG16) while we continue to produce new custom antibodies for research and diagnostic clients. NeoClone is beginning to roll out new custom antibody services, such as phage display and camelid single-domain antibodies, to complement our strong history of making excellent antibodies by hybridoma and we are very excited about this new direction for us.

If you would like to purchase one of our former catalog products, either click on the BioLegend logo on each product page or contact them directly:

Customer Service
Phone Toll-Free (US & Canada): 1-877-Bio-Legend (1-877-246-5343)
Phone International: 1-858-768-5800
Fax: 1-877-455-9587
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Technical Service
Phone Toll-Free (US & Canada)1-877-273-3103
Phone (International): 1-858-768-5801
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

October 2014
Big news around here: BioLegend has acquired NeoClone's antibody portfolio! NeoClone customers can continue to purchase these antibodies from our catalog via our website until early November, 2014. After this time, these products will only be available through BioLegend. NeoClone will still be in the Custom antibody business and will be expanding capabilities and services in the near future, so check back regularly for additional news.

NeoClone's Director of Marketing Ed Dunphy was an invited speaker at this year's Bioscience Vision Summit, held in Madison WI.  Ed spoke on a panel on the topic of Biotechnology Communications to an audience primarily of Post-docs and graduate students.  Most of the audience seemed interested in career options outside of bench research, but where they could still put their accumulated skills to good use.

June 2014
Director of Marketing Ed Dunphy went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Madison's high-tech University Research Park to promote NeoClone's catalog antibodies and custom antibody production services. He set up a table at 3 sessions of the Scientist Solutions Events (SSE) Vendor shows here in town.  NeoClone's presence was quite popular among the doctors, scientists, technicians and students in attendence.

April 2014
Director of Marketing Ed Dunphy went down to Chicago to promote NeoClone's catalog antibodies and our custom antibody production services. He spent one session at the Scientist Solutions Events (SSE) Vendor show at the University of Illinois and then went to two SSE Vendor shows at Rush University Medical Center. Ed met quite a few doctors & scientists who used antibodies in their research and generated a lot of interest in NeoClone's products.

March 2014
For St. Patrick's Day, here's a video on the Beer Yeast Genome Project. After all, we do make a set of anti-yeast RNA Pol II Antibodies!

NeoClone's Director of Marketing, Ed Dunphy, won the Silver by placing second in Madison Magazine's 2014 "Best of Madison" poll in the "Best Local Columnist/Writer" category for his science humor webcomic, Lab Bratz.  Lab Bratz also appears regularly on the main page of the NeoClone website.

January 2014
Sales of NeoClone's catalog reagents, primarily mouse monoclonal antibodies, saw an increase in 2013 of 20% over 2012!

November 2013
In honor of Halloween, here's a link to a video on the Biology of Zombies.

September 2013
Neoclone's Director of Marketing, Ed Dunphy, was invited to participate in a panel discussion on Marketing Scientific Products at this year's Bioscience Vision Summit at Monona Terrace in Madison, WI. Ed presented his views and experience in guerilla marketing for a smaller biotechnology company, while Rob Chumanov of Promega gave the perspective from a very large bioscience company.

April 2013
NeoClone CEO Deven McGlenn will be attending the BIO International Conference April 22-24, 2013 at Chicago's McCormack Place.  If you wish to meet with Deven at BIO, please contact him This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

February 2013
Here's a link to a graduate student's commentary on Western Blots.  We all feel their pain, sometimes.

November, 2012
We are happy to announce that the National Institutes of Health has awarded NeoClone Biotechnology a grant in the amount of $286,368 for the project: “Reactivation of human cells for novel fully human Ab platform”.  The Principal Investigator is Rachel Kravitz, PhD, NeoClone’s Director of Research.

The Wall Street Journal's blog section has posted an article on the group of Chinese investors from PiYi Investments who came to Madison in search of promising investment opportunities here in Madison, WI.  The group met with NeoClone CEO Deven McGlenn and other Wisconsin business leaders as a follow-up to their initial presentations in Irving Texas in September.  Several members of the PiYi group toured the NeoClone facilities as part of their visit.

September, 2012
NeoClone CEO Deven McGlenn went to Irving, Texas last week for US-China Investor Week, where he met with Chinese investors from PiYi Investments, which is based in Bejing, China.

These investors were looking for direct investment opportunities in a variety of small to medium privately held businesses based in the United States, with the potential investment power of millions of dollars. This is the first time EVER an organized group of Chinese investors have come to the United States to make these types of investments. To be eligible to present to the investors, companies needed to apply and receive positive feedback on the proposed opportunity. Only 100 or so investment projects were selected from over 500 applicants.  Most of the companies that attended were from Madison, WI, Orlando, Fl, Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA.

Also featured at the meeting, which was held in meeting rooms in Texas Stadium, were presentations by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Texas Governor Rick Perry and former President of the United States, George W. Bush.

Deven will be attending follow-up sessions this week in Madison with the majority of the investors as they tour cities that demonstrated clear potential business investment opportunities.

July 2012
NeoClone Staff Scientist Ed Dunphy turned fifty this weekend and was given the bird.  The Vulture of Aging, to be specific.  It appears that Ed ensnared the ghastly symbol of advancing age, but who knows how long it can be kept at bay?

Several NeoClone employees attended the packed Bioforward Madison Monthly Breakfast, which included the presentation: "Lessons Learned: Advice From The Trenches On Building Successful Companies".   The interesting panel discussion featured Trevor Twose, Co-Founder and CEO, Mithridion, Inc, Alex Vodenlich, President, Maven LLC and Russ Smestad, President, Stratatech, LLC.

June 2012
Two of NeoClone's senior management staff will be in Boston at the BIO International Convention this year, June 17th - 21st.  Both CEO Deven McGlenn and VP of Business Development Randy Wagner will be attending BIO to discuss our monoclonal antibody biotech company and will also be participating in the Business Partnering Forum.  If you would like to meet with Deven and Randy during BIO, please contact them via their email addresses.

April 2012
NeoClone's VP of Business Development/COO, Randy Wagner, has accepted the challenge of being a "Jailbird" in the Fitchburg 2012 Lock-Up benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Randy is representing NeoClone and is hoping to raise $1600 to send two children with Muscular Dystrophy to MDA camp this year.  He is being "jailed" at 9am CST on Thursday, 4/26/2012, and your donations can help "bail him out".  Donations can be made through his MDA page:

Must be rough in there.

February 2012

UW-Women's Hockey

Members of NeoClone's staff attended a recent University of Wisconsin Women's Hockey game against Minnesota State University (UW won).  Our thanks to CEO Deven McGlenn for thinking of us!

January 2012

Million Pound Challenge

In an attempt to live healthier lifestyles AND benefit local food banks in Wisconsin, NeoClone has registered a team for the Million Pound Challenge. See here for more details:

Biotech Happy Hour

For those in the Madison area, several members of NeoClone will be attending the Biotech Happy Hour today (1/12/12), which will be held at the Sun Print Cafe, 1 S. Pinckney Street, in Madison from 5pm to 8pm. This month’s edition is a benefit in memory of Dave Lingk, the Managing Partner at local IT company Aberdean and will include a silent auction items and a raffle benefiting UW Childrens Hospital and Madison's Carbone Cancer Center. More information can be found here:

December 2011
Tyrian signs distribution agreement with NeoClone Biotechnology for its tuberculosis antibodies

SYDNEY, Australia: Tyrian Diagnostics Limited (“Tyrian”) announced today that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with NeoClone Biotechnology, LLC (“NeoClone”) for the manufacture and distribution of antibodies it has developed to detect TB proteins, including antibodies to Tyrian’s lead TB protein biomarker.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin (USA), NeoClone is a quality provider of antibodies and distributes a portfolio of antibodies that detect a range of clinical diagnostic targets in the oncology, CNS and infectious disease areas. NeoClone was previously engaged by Tyrian to develop antibodies to a select group of Tyrian’s TB protein biomarkers, including its lead TB protein biomarker. These antibodies were used by Tyrian to develop specific diagnostic assays for eight TB proteins it discovered in TB-infected sputum samples.

Tyrian’s Managing Director, Dr Jenny Harry, said “We are delighted to appoint NeoClone as the preferred provider of Tyrian’s TB antibodies for research purposes. This agreement ensures that third parties can access Tyrian’s proprietary antibodies to fully explore the potential for sensitive TB assays on a variety of diagnostic platforms. The Company previously reported that currently available, rapid Point-of-Care diagnostic systems lack the sensitivity to detect TB proteins in sputum or blood. With further advances in the pipeline for Point of Care diagnostic technologies there is potential for significant improvements in sensitivity that may result in entirely new tests becoming possible for the rapid and accurate detection of active TB using Tyrian’s antibodies.”

May 2011
Our CEO Deven McGlenn was interviewed this month by In Business with Jody and Joan. This interview turned into a great discussion about NeoClone, the antibody discovery and development market, and the state of of the industry. Listen now.

Welcome to our New Site

Thanks for stopping by. Whether you are a new or current client, we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about NeoClone. We've made many improvements to our site, including:

  • Detailed listings of our products and services, from ready-made to made-to-order antibodies. You can even read more about our innovation in the therapeutic space.
  • Easy-to-find antibodies products, conveniently characterized by target or biomarkers.
  • Detailed Technical data sheets on all our products.
  • Login access to begin building an order history for easy re-order.
  • New Blog! Our staff will be posting articles with valuable insights on the antibody industry.
  • And a little humor, for good measure. Our own Ed Dunphy publishes Lab Bratz, a funny cartoon about the characters in the life sciences industry!

Other News and Events

April 2011 Update
NeoClone has expanded its Board of Directors to add industry specific expertise. Dr. Uwe Muller, who also serves as the company’s CSO, has been added to the Board because of his deep molecular diagnostic background. Additionally, Dr. Mindy Brooks, who has 10+ years of business development experience in therapeutic antibodies, has agreed to join the Board. ‘We as a company realize that we need guidance to leverage our current opportunities in diagnostics as well as position ourselves to enter the therapeutics market as our capabilities allow’, said Deven McGlenn, NeoClone’s CEO. More information on the company can be found here.

March 2011 Update

NeoClone closed on $750,000 in equity financing this quarter. "We were very pleased by both the strong support of our existing investors as well as the support from new investors," said Deven McGlenn, CEO of NeoClone. The funds will be used to support NeoClone’s research efforts, which are focused on leveraging their patented technology to make fully human antibodies. With this capability, the company will be well-positioned to service the rapidly growing therapeutics market."‘We have made excellent progress on our research efforts and expect to be in a position to service this $30B+ market yet this year," said McGlenn. More information on the company can be found at

September 2009
Scarab Genomics and NeoClone enter into license agreeement.