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Partners in Discovery

Our Collaborators

NeoClone has focused its business on growing through collaboration.  As we continue to refine our approach to developing fully human antibodies we have partnered with other groups to help validate our system.  Our current collaborators include:

  • University of Wisconsin - Madison, Dr. Manish Patankar, PhD. Dr. Patankar is a noted expert in the area of ovarian cancer and NeoClone is working with him to develop fully human antibodies for the treatment of this devastating disease.
  • University of California - Los Angeles, Dr. Kathie Ferbas, PhD. Dr. Ferbas has an active program for discovering new treatments for AIDS and is working with NeoClone to advance these research goals.
  • InflammatoRx Inc., is an early stage company located in Quebec, Canada. NeoClone is working with InflammatoRx to develop fully human antibodies against their inflammatory biomarker of interest.

NeoClone does have capacity for additional collaboration. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if this is of interest to you.