Applications Key
WB = Western Blot
IP = Immunoprecipitation
IAC= Immunoaffinity Column
ChIP= Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
NeoAbs perform to strict quality control standards.  For more information about antibody performance, please see the product technical data sheet or our FAQ for applications, quality control, and reactivity.

BioLegend has acquired NeoClone's catalog antibody portfolio. If you've come here looking for an antibody that you've bought from us before, thank you! We appreciate your business! Please go to NeoClone will continue to develop top-notch custom monoclonal antibodies for research, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. We also offer antibody phage display (scFv) and Llama Single Domain antibodies (SdAb or VHH) to broaden our antibody discovery service offerings, so give us a call if you are interested in a custom reagent that you can't find anywhere else.

NeoClone Biotechnology manufactures all of its products. Additionally, all our antibodies undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure you receive the highest quality antibodies for your research.



* E. coli Transcription: mAbs to the components of E. coli transcription machinery, including RNAP subunits, Sigma factors, NusA, Gre A and Gre B.

* RNA Pol II: mAbs to the subunits of yeast RNA Polymerase II.

* Bacterial Toxins: mAbs to the subunits of Shiga toxin.

* Eukaryotic transcription: mAbs to Tata Binding Protein, TFIIB, RAP30 and transcriptional repressor Sir3.

* Neuronal Biomarkers: mAbs to Synaptotagmins and neural transport protein VGLUT3.

* Cancer Biomarkers: mAbs to cancer-associated proteins including CA125, HE4 and Prolactin.

* Cardiac Biomarkers: mAbs to Cardiac Troponin, Cystatin C and Myeloperoxidase.

* New Discovery Antibodies: NeoClone's New Discovery antibodies have been developed using recombinant or synthetic antigens, rather than endogenous proteins. Sample packs of mAbs to botulinum neurotoxin, osteopontin, Metabotropic glutamate receptor 1, and others are available.

* Marker Proteins: mAbs to Green fluorescent protein.

* Interferon Gamma: mAbs to human Interferon gamma.

* Softag: NeoClone’s Softag products are immuno-affiinity resins useful various purification applications. The resins may be used to purify RNA polymerase (RNAP) or they may be used in recombinant protein purification procedures.

* Anti Human Ig Secondaries: Conjugated and unconjugated secondary mAbs to human Ig subclasses.