Custom Antibodies


"Working with NeoClone, we developed great antibodies against a challenging and novel target, something we were not successful at doing with other companies."

Dustan Bonnin, PhD, CEO, Actualiti

Monoclonal Antibody Discovery - Hybridomas

There is the reality that every mouse monoclonal antibody needs to be "discovered" first. Using our proprietary NeoAb approach, discovering great monoclonal antibodies starts with generating a robust immune response against the antigen of interest. The exact approach to doing this will depend a great deal on the availability of the antigen, which is why we work closely with our clients to ensure that we design the project in a manner that is consistent with this requirement.

So how much antigen is required for successful project?  In short, it depends on the desired use of the developed antibodies and the expected immunogenicity of the antigen. That's why we discuss this in detail with our clients before the project start. This collaborative approach not only distinguishes us from other developers, but helps increase the chance of discovering great antibodies.

Monoclonal Antibody Development - Hybridomas

So, together we have discovered an antibody that looks like it has the characteristics to meet your needs. Now what?  Using our NeoAb approach, clones that look like they may be of interest are subcloned using our proprietary technique. This is the first step needed to immortalize the cell line and ensure repeated production of the antibody.

How many clones does a customer get with a project? While the specific number of selected clones will be determined on a project by project basis, NeoClone will always encourage clients to select more, rather than fewer, clones to help increase the chance of project success. Frequently we will subclone 30+ cell lines at this point - but it really does depend on the client's needs. The number of clones to be developed will be discussed with the client and put into a proposal prior to project initiation so expectations are clear.

Our Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Development Process:

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