What's Happening at NeoClone Biotechnology

You're probably wondering, "Now that BioLegend owns all your former catalog products, what the heck are you doing up there in Madison?" I'm glad you asked. We're still making great monoclonal antibodies, of course! NeoClone has been making custom murine antibodies via hybridoma technology for years. In fact, that's where our catalog came from in the first place! We decided that we needed to return our focus to custom projects, especially the really difficult targets that researchers had been bringing us all along. You know, the targets that other companies couldn't make due to problems with tolerance or toxicity or bizarre secondary structures.

Then we decided to branch out into other methods of generating antibodies. We brought on new staff with years of experience in Antibody Phage Display and Camelid VHH antibodies. We've been upping our game in the Bioinformatics arena as well, giving us an edge in determining the best way to make YOUR antibody. Unlike other antibody development companies, we're not tied to one particular method. In the world of antibody development, one size does NOT fit all.

So, you tell us what you want.

We'll make sure we get it for you.