Made-to-Order Antibodies

The NeoAb® Process - Our Antibody Delivery Engine

Hybridoma technology - the monoclonal antibody discovery and development technique used by scientist all over the world for the past 30 years - has seen a number of changes, but fundamentally has remained the same since its inception. NeoClone recognized the need to advance this technology in response to the increased demand to generate antibodies against more difficult targets (small molecule, cell surface markers, steroids, etc.).

To address this demand, NeoClone's scientist have employed various techniques including: alternate cell line immortalization, multiple mouse strains, genetic immunization, and different fusion conditions, all in an attempt to make great antibodies as efficiently as possible. The NeoAb process is the result of these efforts. This unique approach enables NeoClone to develop monoclonal antibodies against very challenging targets with very specific requirements.

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